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About Us

A Level 1 B-BBEE Compliant Company.

Josephine Hegarty (B.Log, B.A. Hons (Psych), MBL)
Josephine has years of experience in the design and management of large organizational change and transformation projects. Her understanding of the requirements for successful change has been supported by her passion for measurable business performance. Jo has facilitated the design of a wide range of Codes of Practice and Management Practices for clients, leading to standardized business processes and enhanced efficiency.

Mr. Shane Hegarty (B.A.(Psych) DPLR)
Heading up the group’s consulting division, Shane has delivered projects in all major industries, working at an executive level. The practical integration of Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management processes, to deliver improved business performance, is Shane’s forte. With local and international experience, Shane has also designed and implemented Employee and Customer Surveys for major industrial and government organisations.

Dr. Philip A Mijburgh (MBChB, BCom)
Philip has more than 20 years experience at a senior management and consultant level. Philip has been involved in managing projects as diverse as conducting large-scale surveys for corporate clients, implementing Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management systems and processes in the private as well as public sector. Philip has directed the large Governance projects for TPS including the facilitation of a wide range of Codes of Practice.

Our Details

Office: +27 (0) 12 349 1268  

Cell:    +27 (0) 82 560 0004

Fax:     +27 (0) 86 685 3515


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