In a global economy under relative pressure, capital projects are few and expectations, high. More reason why the efficiency and delivery of these projects deserves greater scrutiny and attention.

However, completed capital projects continue to suffer from large deviations in budget, planning and operational performance for various reasons. This has resulted in 28% of the projects not being able to deliver the expected business value from new assets [Accenture].

OPERATIONAL READINESS bridges the divide between the PROJECTS and OPERATIONS TEAMS and in a structured way ensures a managed and sustainable transition to steady state operations, addressing:

  • TECHNICAL: All technical and process elements are assessed to determine gaps and delivered to standard.
  • PROCESS: The Value Chain and Operating Model is documented, proceduralised and accompanies the technical solution.
  • PEOPLE: Required resourcing and training elements are in place, sufficiently in advance to ensure testing & operations are brought on stream effectively & timeously.

The earlier one engages an Operational Readiness process the greater the ability to reduce the value leakage of the project. It stands to reason that, engaged at the last minute, Operational Readiness can do little to ensure project value delivery.

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